My name is Amanda Jones, I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist and currently working towards my Master's Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I'm on a mission to help individuals address root causes of imbalance through real food, lifestyle, knowledge, and targeted supplementation. I specialize in group education and I love nothing more than to empower people with a deeper understanding of their bodies and how to support health from a foundational level rather than playing an endless game of whack-em all by chasing symptoms. 


There are two ways to work with me; through one-on-one consultations or through group classes. 

Group classes are a fantastic way to increase your motivation and understanding, and tap into the power of community. Classes are an extremely affordable way to progress toward your health goals and and empower yourself with tools and knowledge you need to life your healthiest, happiest life.

I am currently accepting only a small number of clients due to my course load at University of Western States. Please contact me if you would like to check with my current schedule - if I am not able to schedule at this time I will happy offer a referral. I expect to be accepting clients full time in 2018.